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Topaz Amethyst Earrings, Purple Amethyst, Sky Blue Topaz, Semi Precious Gemstones, Sterling Silver, Stud Drop Earrings


Lovely faceted cut sparkling 3mm x 3mm round-shaped & six 2mm x 2mm round-shaped purple amethyst semi-precious gemstones, complimented by beautiful faceted cut sparkling 8mm x 6mm pear drop-shaped Sky Blue Topaz semi-precious gemstones. These gemstones are handset in sterling silver in a prong setting!
This handmade jewellery is inspired by my photograph of the flowers of the idyllic offshore paradises of St Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean islands where stunning purple flowers offer a gorgeous complement to the sensational blues of the tropical waters which break against the islands’ pristine shores.
A February birthstone, amethyst has traditionally symbolised sobriety – its name derives from the Greek ametusthos, “not intoxicated”. More recently, it has also been tied to deep emotional bonds.
One of November’s birthstones, topaz is thought to be named after the Sanskrit tapas, meaning ‘fire’. Hindu literature points to its functions as a lengthener of life and provider of wisdom.
20mm long (~3/4 inch), these dazzling gemstone earrings will arrive packaged in a small gift box featuring the image of their inspiration on the inside of the lid. Combined with an organza bag, this results in a gorgeously-presented pair which makes the perfect gift.
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