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Neon Blue Ethiopian Opal with Rose Quartz & Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Earrings


An enchanting pair of gemstone earrings showcasing strikingly colourful 7mm x 5mm ovals of natural, semi-precious neon blue Ethiopian opal, delicately complemented by stunning 8mm x 8mm rounds of rose quartz and several 1mm x 1mm rounds of lab-grown cubic zirconia. Each of these impressive gemstones is delicately hand-set in a stylish sterling silver bezel setting.

This handmade jewellery is inspired by my photograph of Yellowstone National Park, an astonishing nature reserve spanning 3500 square miles in the US states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Home to grizzly bears, nature-lovers, and an active supervolcano, this vast expanse of wilderness affords some of the most incredible views on the planet: seemingly endless forests zig-zagged by hiking trails and snaking rivers, immense lakes brimming with fish, and mesmerising hot springs ringed with rainbows of colour.

A birthstone for the month of April first developed in the USSR in the 1970s, cubic zirconia is created from base substances found in extraterrestrial rock from both asteroids and the moon.

Like other opals, Ethiopian opal is a birthstone for October, said to brim with joyously positive emotion whilst also invoking the calmness and restraint required to balance such ardour.

A January birthstone, rose quartz features in Greek myth as the blood of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty – as such, this serene stone is often associated with passion and romance.

40mm long (~1½ inches), these dazzling gemstone earrings will arrive packaged in a small gift box featuring the image of their inspiration on the inside of the lid. Combined with an organza bag, this results in a gorgeously-presented pair which makes the perfect gift.

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