Inspired by Castles

Aquamarine Onyx Necklace, Ice Aquamarine, Semi Precious, Handmade Gemstone Jewellery, Sterling Silver, Pendant


Magnificent faceted cut 8mm x 6mm oval-shaped ‘Ice’ Aquamarine unheated natural semi-precious gemstone, complimented by lovely 6mm x 6mm diamond-shaped faceted Black Onyx semi-precious gemstone. These gemstones are handset in sterling silver in a prong setting!
This handmade jewellery is inspired by my photograph of the remnants of Denbigh Castle, a 13th-century fortress built by occupying English forces to subdue the unruly Welsh. During its day, the castle stood as an intimidating sight, its towering walls and battle-ready fortifications deterring even the hardiest foe. Now, however, its grey remains and vibrant green wards offer an invitation to get lost in Wales’ medieval heritage.
Onyx has long been prized for its enigmatic allure; it was much favoured in ancient Greece, where it was believed to be the clipped fingernails of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty.
A March birthstone, aquamarine is named after the serene ocean waters with which it shares its captivating hues. Due to this maritime association, some sailors wear it to bring good fortune.
Attached to an 18-inch chain, this dazzling gemstone pendant will arrive packaged in a small gift box featuring the image of its inspiration on the inside of the lid. Combined with an organza bag, this results in a gorgeously-presented piece which makes the perfect gift.
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