Inspired by the Tuscan Hills

Tanzanite, Moonstone, Gemstone, Sterling Silver Earrings, Rose Gold Accent


Two beautifully blue 5mm x 5mm rounds of rare natural tanzanite and one 9mm x 9mm faceted round of serene rainbow moonstone populate these fabulous earrings, upon which they are elegantly hand-set in stylish sterling silver with captivating rose gold accents.


A December birthstone, tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, borrowing its name from its origin country. It is often worn by Tanzanian mothers to grant their new-borns happy lives.

One of June’s many birthstones, moonstone bears the symbolic associations of its celestial namesake, namely love and renewal, famously explored by romantic poets such as Shelley.


This handmade jewellery is inspired by my photograph of Assisi, an Italian city and marvel of architectural design which sits in the Umbrian province of Perugia. Here, enveloping walls of pure white stone enclose the quintessential Italian cityscape; charming streets wind up and down steep hillside slopes, colourful flowers adorn the windowsills of picturesque terraces, and tourists gather in awe at the Tempio di Minerva, an ancient Roman site of worship dating back to the first century BCE.


50mm long (~2 inches), these dazzling gemstone earrings will arrive packaged in a small gift box featuring the image of their inspiration on the inside of the lid. Combined with an organza bag, this results in a gorgeously-presented pair which makes the perfect gift.


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