Inspired by Mountains

Natural Yellow and Orange Sapphire, Peridot, 9ct Gold Accents, Sterling Silver Earrings


Striking natural 4mm x 3mm oval yellow sapphire gemstones, complemented by an eye-catching 4mm x 3mm oval orange sapphire and beautiful 2mm x 2mm round peridot gemstone. This mesmerising trio are hand-set in a beautiful sterling silver Celtic design with 9Ct Gold Accents in claw and bezel settings!


These earrings are inspired by my photograph of Bwlch Y Groes (Pass of the Cross) is one of the highest public road mountain passes in Wales. It’s dramatic views and colours are very much at the heart of Wales.


One of the birthstones for September, sapphire inspires symbolic meanings as diverse as the many colours in which it can be found. Historically, it has been associated with power and kindness, and wealth alongside freedom from envy. 


Birthstone for the month of August, peridot is a gemstone shrouded in mystery. Its name has no clear origin – some sources suggest it is a derivative of the Latin paederot, which refers to a variety of opal, whereas others claim that it comes from the Arabic faridat, meaning ‘gem’.  


These stunning earrings are 34mm long (~ 1 1/4 Inch) and come boxed with the image of their inspiration in the lid of the box and beautifully presented making them the perfect gift from Wales.


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