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  • Pink Topaz, Aquamarine and Rhodolite Garnet Sterling Silver Necklace

    Stunning faceted cut sparkling 9mm x 7mm oval Aquamarine natural semi-precious gemstone, complimented by two beautiful faceted cut 5mm x 3mm oval pink Topaz semi-precious gemstones & four amazing sparkling 1mm x 1mm round Rhodolite Pink Garnet gemstones. These gemstones are hand set in sterling silver in a claw setting.


    Lake Celyn has a calm appearance with a controversial history. A village in the deep valley of the Rive Trywern, at the foot of the Arenig Mountains was flooded to create a water supply for a major city. On occasions during rare droughts the top of the local chapel is revealed. On most days I visit the serene, calm and mid blue waters are the perfect cover and surrounded by pink wild flowers it is the perfect inspiration for this necklace.


    One of November’s birthstones, topaz is thought to be named after the Sanskrit tapas, meaning ‘fire’. Beliefs around topaz vary – Hindu mythology points to its functions as a lengthener of life and provider of wisdom, whilst some 13th-century mystics claimed that it could sharpen and even restore eyesight and cure mental illness. Because of this, it is often viewed as a sacred stone.


    One of the birthstones for January, garnet is a wonderfully diverse gemstone which has been used for decorative purposes as far back as the Bronze Age thanks to its captivating beauty; garnet jewellery has been found amongst the relics of ancient Greece and Egypt. Historically, it has also been associated with friendship and faithfulness through links to numerous myths and legends.


    A March birthstone, aquamarine is named after the calming blue-green hues of the ocean waters with which it shares its gorgeous colouring. Due to this tie with the seas, it has been thought by many to offer mystical protection to sailors and fishermen. Some ancient folklore strengthens this maritime association even further, going as far as to describe the gemstone as the treasure of mermaids!


    Attached to an 18 inch chain, this dazzling gemstone pendant will arrive packaged in a small gift box featuring the image of its inspiration on the inside of the lid. Combined with an organza bag, this results in a gorgeously-presented piece which makes the perfect gift.


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